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ICO starts on 20 December, 12:00 GMT

Biggest Scam Coin investor will receive a special bonus : Apple iPhone X with Scam coin Cover/Case !
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1 Ethereum = 1250 ScamCoin (SCC)

1 SCC= 0.0008 ETH


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Scam Coin ICO – December 2107

Listing Scam Coin tokens on exchanges – January 2018.

Creating anti crypto scam website – February 2018

Launching anti crypto scam website -March 2018

Appointing anti crypto scam website administrators from bitcointalk community – April 2018



During the fourth quarter of 2017,the Crypto currency market was flooded by fake and scam projects like “Ethereum Dark”,“Ethereum Gold”,“Ethereum Cash”, “Ethereum Blue”,“Ethereum Silver”,“Bitcoin Red”,“Bitcoin Silver”,“Bitcoin2X”,“Litecoin Gold”, “Neo Gold”, “Dash”, “Gold”, “Dash Cash”,and many others. Very soon we will have Bitcoin, Ethereum and other famous crypto currencies in all the Mendeleev table elements and in all colors on coinmarketcap. All these so-called projects are created by scammers using scammy airdrops and pump &dump scam schemes. This is happening thanks to the free ERC20 token creation possibility via Ethereum platform. Also, we have hundreds of absolutely useless shitcoins listed on coinmarketcap. “Putin coin”, “Trump coin”, “Clinton coin”, “Rasputin coin”, “Big Boobs coin”, “Pizza coin”, coin for marijuana growers, coin for dentists, coin for travelers, coin for hookers, coin for anarchists… etc. Currently we have around 3 500 ICO’s on the market and most of them are scam; just a good-looking website, fake (purchased) white paper, millions of free ERC20 tokens issued via Ethereum platform, no working product, fake and unknown team members. People who have been with the crypto market for a long time will understand these schemes of scams very easily, but the noobs who are easily blinded by vaporware and false claims, will fall for it.

Because all of this, we decided to create a real scam coin and an anti-crypto scam website for crypto community, so any scam project, any scam ICO, any scammer could be added to the database of that site, and any potential crypto investor can check that database any time. The anti-scam website will be completely decentralized and managed by bitcointalk community. The amount of issued ERC20 tokens is very limited (380 000) and created exclusively for speculation purposes. There will be no airdrops, only very small and limited bounty campaign and all unsold tokens will be burned. So, we will avoid the dumping possibility after being listed on exchanges. Part of the assets collected during ICO will be used to create an anti-scam website and the rest will be donated to charities. Join us and let’s make the crypto world free of scammers and let’s make some money trading the first official scam coin in the world.

let’s make crypto world free of scammers and let’s make some money, by trading first official Scam Coin in the world.


The reason is very simple.

Almost all ICO’s are creating millions of tokens, they are giving away about 10-15 % of those tokens for bounty campaigns, 10% they are paying to team members and the rest of the tokens which are not sold to investors are still kept by the ICO creators. After listing on exchanges, all bounty campaigns participants, team members and creators with their unsold tokens are dumping all this massive amount of tokens on exchanges. The price is collapsing immediately, and never recovers back in near future. For instance: Total ICO tokens 20 000 000; Price of each token during ICO = $0.5; Tokens sold = 15 000 0000; Tokens paid to bounty campaigns participants and campaign managers = 10 % from 15 000 000 tokens sold = 1 500 000 tokens; Tokens paid to team (staff) = 10% from 15 000 000 tokens sold = 1 500 000 tokens; Unsold tokens (kept by creators) = 5 000 000 tokens. Total tokens for dumping on exchanges = 8 000 000 tokens.

Just imagine what will happen to the price, after such huge dump. In most cases ICO’s never succeed and 90% of them are failing to achieve promised goals. That’s why decreased price on exchanges never recovers and investors are losing their money.
The case of Scam Coin is completely different. Total tokens created = 380 000; Price of each token during ICO = $0.28; Tokens paid to bounty campaign participants = 0; Tokens for team members = 0 tokens; Unsold tokens = 0 all of them will be burned. In “Our Mission”, we are promising to create an anti-scam website for bitcointalk community members and for potential ICO investors, with a database of all scam and suspicious projects. We will deliver this website within 30 days after the ICO will be finished and all remaining money will be donated to charities.

Conclusion: Our project will avoid any dumping after listing on exchanges. We will achieve all goals promised in a very short time. So, if investors will hold a little bit after listing on exchanges, there is a possibility of a very good ROI (Return of investment). Join us and let’s make the crypto world free of scammers and let’s make some money by trading the first official Scam Coin in the world.

Warning ! Do not deposit from exchange wallets. You will loose all deposited funds.




Will be listed after ICO ends

Etherdelta Exchange

Yobit Exchange


Cryptopia Exchange


Scam Coin Shop
Only SCC accepted (for first ten days' 1SCC=1USD)

Scam Coin is proud to announce Apple Scam Shop, where only Scam Coins will be accepted.

First ten day exchange rate is fixed 1SCC = 1USD.

Invest in ICO and buy Iphone X for 1000 SCC.

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